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React Front To Back 2022


50 Projects in 50 Days - HTML, CSS & JavaScript


Next.js Dev To Deployment

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Modern JavaScript From The Beginning


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Freelance Mastery

Brad Traversy and Kyle Prinsloo have teamed up to bring you a business-based course to show you how to create a successful freelancing business from the ground up.

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Who Is Brad Traversy?

I started coding in 2008 at the age of 26. I started off freelancing, then worked as a full-time developer and then created my own agency.

I loved working as a developer, but I realized that teaching was my true passion. I became a full-time content creator and educator in 2016.

I show people that they don't have to be a straight A student or a genius to learn to code. I break down complex concepts by showing you how to implement them in project-based courses and tutorials.


Read what other students say that have taken Brad's courses

Jorge Alain Maza Rosano

Course: Next.js Dev To Deployment

I believe that this is one of the best courses that i've taken at udemy. Very good explanations, he gives you the resources and the proyect is easy for understanding next and strapi. This is a superb option if you want to aproach to nextjs and strapi.

Muhammad Ali Rasheed

Course: Mern eCommerce From Scratch

As always great course from brad would recommend to everybody starting to get hands on experiance with react.js building application. I am not able to make great applications as I know both frond-end and back-end and there integration. Really enjoyed the course.

Billy Gene Ridgeway

Course: Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning

This has been the best course I've taken on CSS. For some reason it's hard for me to wrap my head around it, but with Brad's course I've finally gained a good grasp on it. Of course it will take a lot of practice to really get good. I think this course is the best place to begin.

Daniel Tremură

Course: Object Oriented PHP & MVC

I found what I was looking for! If you know some PHP and some OOP theory but haven't yet managed to see how they can go together, this is the course for you! I enjoyed making our own framework from zero. Coded only with PHP, no other package needed, which a liked very much!

Bob Ghodsi

Course: 50 Projects In 50 Days

I have enjoyed taking this course because Brad puts focus on extensive use of new CSS as well as JavaScript. I am quite familiar with Bootstrap 4.0 as I have written many applications using bootstrap framework along with some CSS. I appreciate how new CSS makes it possible to exactly define what you would like your page to look like.

Byron Mosley

Course: React Front To Back

Brad makes things very simple to understand and easy to follow while still pushing his students to learn and absorb the information. It was incredible learning React from him, I have learned things that I did not from earning an Associate degree as well as attend a bootcamp in which React was the main front end selling point. Thank you and cannot wait to start another lesson!

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